Our vision is to make IOT available to anyone lacking the funds to start things on their own.

And although we want our business to be successful, our main driver isn’t profit — we want to help the community make things or make them available for everyone to use.
Our aim is to do this by helping hobbyists, makers, IOT investors, university professors — and anyone else who wants to learn about IOT hardware.

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Product development services

We combine our expertise in hardware design and IOT to produce complete product development services.

Hardware Design

Design picks the interest of the buyer and creates the user experience. In the best and worst case scenarios, the ultimate success of the product depends on the value added by design.

Enclouser Designing

Convert a client's idea into a physical product available for sale. We make your dream product a proper housing! Wood, Plastic or Acrylics.

We’re here to help

Each business has its own unique strengths and challenges, which often change throughout different phases. We are equipped with the knowledge and ability to deliver a broad cross-section of services to meet your changing needs, from the PCB design to final product assembly we are here to help you with the greatest services below.

  • IoT Product Engineering

    APCB designing
    PCB Assembly (PCBA)
    Surface Mount Technology
    Prototype design
    Cable and Connectors
    Final Product assembly

  • Injection Mold Making

    Plastic Enclosure
    PC ( Polycarbonate)
    ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
    PP (Polypropylene)
    Metal Enclosures ( CNC )
    Wood ( eg. Pine,Oak, Wallnut, Mapple)
    Acrylic laser cutting For DIY and prototyping

  • Sensors and Modules

    Arduino and Protyping sensor modules
    Ultrasonic Water level sensors
    Low and High current sensing module

  • Display & Peripherals

    OLED Graphic display modules I2C & SPI( Available in monochrome colors of White and Yellow, optional for Green, Blue or sky blue .
    Character OLED display modules
    TFT LCD Panel, including Color TFT, Monochrome TFT Display and bar type TFT Display modules from 2.4” to 12.3".
    Resistive Touch Screen TFT Display (eg. Popular ILI9341 )
    E-paper Display module ( For prototyping and manufacturing )

  • Product Packaging and designing

    In-house designers to help you through the process
    Fixed prices, including unlimited concepts and revisions
    Logistics And Shipping
    We ship our products door to door
    More than 200 countries by Air, Road and Sea

  • Component Sourcing

    All kids of surface mount components
    AC-DC and DC-DC converters
    Switching power supply

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