Frog Boards

For rapid and efective prototyping

FrogBoard ESP32

ESP32 WROVER has the most advanced features of the ESP32. If you want your IOT device to be connected with the external SRAM, LCD, Cameras etc. it has got you covered.
It also has external antenna which is an advantage for remote devices. I have created this kit for the hobbyist who likes to enjoy the advanced features of ESP32. Most importantly you can remove ESP32-WROVER module easily for prototyping.

  • Removable ESP32-WROVER
  • Built-in charging circuit to recharge Lipo Batteries (optional)
  • CP2104-USB to Serial Programmer

FrogBoard ESP8266

The ESP8266 is a cost-effective, and very capable WiFi-enabled microcontroller,but most of the Development boards doesn’t allow you to remove ESP module from the board
To take advantage of all of those benefits, we’ve created ESP-8266 (12E and 12F) Frog Board, an ESP8266 development board, with an integrated FTDI USB-to-Serial chip.
Thanks to its auto reset functionality you don’t have to keep holding Flash/Boot button while uploading the sketch on Arduino IDE. Choose NodeMCU/Wemos D1 Mini board to enjoy auto reset function in Arduino IDE.

  • Removable ESP-12E/12F
  • Auto reset functionality
  • CH340G-USB to Serial Programmer